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What is Montevannos Club?

Montevannos Club is a Club created to share with our most loyal customers the latest news, promotions and discounts, preferential access to new wines and special services, such as wine storage in our cellars, tastings, advance purchase of wines (purchase of future wines) and visits to the wineries and vineyards, and incredible experiences to get to know our D.O. in depth.

What is required to become a member of Montevannos Club?

It is very simple. Register on the web in the Montevannos Club section, provide us with your details and you have a whole year to place your orders and requests in a preferential way.

Club members will be provided with personalized access codes when ordering or requesting services.

However, in order to maintain your membership, you must make annual purchases of more than 200 € (excluding VAT).

We hope that Montevannos Club will be a good way to share your love for the world of wine and to be part of our project.

Send us an email and we will send you a completed form to return to us.

We have an excellent welcome offer for you. Take advantage of it!